A Dazzling Display

The succulents in this window box will provide a vivid splash of colour throughout the summer, and will cope very well on a hot dry window-sill. Mesembryanthemum, kalanchoe and portulaca all love the sunshine and will grow happily in this small window box.


  • 36 cm (14 in) plastic window box
  • Compost
  • Slow-release plant 
food granules


  • Kalanchoe
  • 2 portulaca
  • 3 mesembryanthemum

1: Check the drainage holes are open in the base and, if not, drill or punch them open. Fill the window box with compost, mixing in a teaspoon of slow-release plant food granules.

Picture of Patio Planting

2: Plant the kalanchoe in the centre of the window box.

Garden Planning

3: Plant the two portulaca in the front corners of the window box.

Garden Planning

4: Plant one mesembryanthemum in front of the kalanchoe and the other two behind the two portulaca. Water well and stand in a sunny position.

Gardener’s Tip: Since mesembryanthemum flowers open in response to direct sunlight, it is essential to place them in a position where they are in full sun for as long as possible every day. Plant in late spring or early summer.