A Garland of Spring Flowers

Miniature daffodils, deep blue pansies, yellow polyanthus and variegated ivy are planted together to make a hanging basket that will flower for many weeks in early spring, lifting the spirits with its fresh colours and delicate woodland charm.


  • 30 cm (12 in) hanging basket
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Compost
  • Slow-release plant food granules


  • 3 variegated ivies
  • 5 miniature daffodil bulbs ‘Tête-à-Tête’ or similar, or a pot of daffodils in bud
  • 3 blue pansies
  • 2 yellow polyanthus

1: Line the lower half of the basket with moss.

Picture of Patio Planting

2: Plant the ivies into the side of the basket by resting the rootballs on the moss, and guiding the foliage through the basket so that it will trail down.

Garden Planning

3: Line the rest of the basket with moss and add a layer of compost to the bottom of the basket. Push the daffodil bulbs into the compost.

Garden Planning

4: Fill the remainder of the basket with compost, mixing a teaspoon of slow-release plant food granules into the top layer. Plant the pansies, evenly spaced, in the top of the basket.

Garden Planning

5: Plant the polyanthus between the pansies. Water the basket and hang in sun or shade. If planting daffodils in bud, remove them from the pot and place in 
the centre of the basket before arranging the ivies and filling with compost.

Gardener’s Tip: When dismantling the arrangement, plant the variegated ivies in the garden. They look particularly good tumbling over walls, or threading their way through and linking established shrubs. Prune hard if they get out of hand and become too invasive. Plant in autumn if growing daffodils from bulbs; in late winter 
or early spring for ready-grown daffodils.