A Spring Display of Auriculas

An old strawberry punnet carrier makes an attractive and unusual window box in which to display some beautifully marked auriculas planted in antique terracotta pots. A large flower basket or wooden trug would look just as good as this marvellous old wooden carrier.


  • 8 8–10 cm (3–4 in) old or antique-style terracotta pots
  • Crocks or other suitable drainage material
  • Compost
  • 50 cm (20 in) wooden carrier

1: Place a crock over the drainage hole of a pot.

Picture of Patio Planting

2: Remove an auricula from its plastic pot and plant it firmly with added compost.

Garden Planning

3: Stand the newly planted auricula in the wooden carrier.

Garden Planning

4: Repeat the process for the other plants to fill the carrier. Water thoroughly and stand in light shade.


8 different auriculas (Primula auricula)

Gardener’s Tip: A window-sill is an ideal position to see auriculas at their best. It is difficult to admire the full drama of their markings if they are at ground level. When they have finished 
flowering, stand the pots in a shady corner or a cold frame. Plant in early spring.