About us

At Choice Gardening Club we are committed to creating a comprehensive reference and information site for gardeners at all levels.  We hope that this will be an invaluable resource for amateur gardeners and horticulturists alike.

We want to include as many aspects of gardening as possible, so on the site you’ll find information on everything from details of individual plants to how to deal with garden pests and diseases and from planning your gardening to garden construction.

So whether you just want to browse the site and read articles for pleasure or you are looking for help with some specific aspect of gardening, Choice Gardening Club will come to your aid. If you wish, you can register with Choice Gardening Club and we will send you regular updates, information and offers.

We are part of Jersey Choice Ltd, who also own Jersey Plants Direct, a well-established internet and mail-order plant company.  Jersey Plants Direct grow their own plants at nurseries in Jersey and sell a year-round range of bedding plants, perennials, shrubs, vegetable plants and seeds, bulbs and gardening accessories.