Colour Schemes for Containers

Pure white petunias and lobelia
planted with a touch of grey
foliage make a sophisticated display. 

The artistry of container gardening lies in the way in which you arrange and combine
 all your raw materials: not just the plants themselves, but the container and the
 site you choose for it. Above all, sensitive colour co-ordination can make the difference between a planting scheme that is just pretty and one that draws gasps of admiration. The plants and the container need to enhance each other: lavender with blue violas in a stone urn, for instance, or fiery nasturtiums in terracotta pots. Think about 
the background, too – the colour of the surrounding walls, the paint on the window frame – and make the picture work as a whole.

Single-colour schemes can be striking, emphasizing the contrasting forms of 
the flowers and foliage, but so can strong contrasts of colour or tone. Let the glowing palette presented on the following pages inspire you to new heights of creativity.