Cook’s Garden

Sweet basil is a traditional
complementary flavour for tomatoes
and is frequently used in culinary dishes.

A small border or bed can provide a surprisingly good selection of herbs to meet basic culinary needs, especially if supplemented by a few tubs and containers. A sunny location is important as the herbs will thrive and have a better flavour. For convenience the kitchen garden should be sited as close to the kitchen door as possible so that herbs can be harvested without you having to trudge too far.

Plan for a cook’s garden of herbs

A semicircular-shaped bed against a wall allows space for 13 useful herbs, with bay, basil and mint in containers: tender basil is much easier to grow in a pot, and mint is inclined to spread into its neighbours. A narrow brick path divides the space and makes it easier to reach the plants when tending or picking them.

Key to planting plan

  1. Angelica archangelica – angelica
  2. Salvia officinalis – sage
  3. Artemisia dracunculus – tarragon
  4. Origanum onites – pot marjoram
  5. Levisticum officinale – lovage
  6. Anethum graveolens – dill
  7. Thymus vulgaris or Thymus x citriodorus – thyme or lemon thyme
  8. Coriandrum sativum – coriander (cilantro)
  9. Anthriscus cerefolium – chervil
  10. Allium schoenoprasum – chives
  11. Petroselinum crispum – parsley
  12. Rosmarinus officinalis Prostratus Group – prostrate rosemary
  13. Satureja montana – winter savory
  14. Ocimum basilicum – sweet basil
  15. Mentha spicata – spearmint
  16. Laurus nobilis – bay