Good Enough to Eat

All the plants in this basket bear an edible crop: the tomato fruit, nasturtium flowers and parsley leaves. You could even impress your family or guests with a “hanging basket salad”, using all three together.


  • 36 cm (14 in) hanging basket
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Compost
  • Slow-release plant food granules


  • 6 parsley plants
  • 3 trailing nasturtiums
  • 3 ‘Tumbler’ tomatoes, or similar

1: Line the lower half of the basket with moss.

Picture of Patio Planting

2: Plant three parsley plants into the side of the basket by resting the rootballs on the moss, and feeding the leaves through the side of the basket.

Garden Planning

3: Line the basket to just below the rim and fill with compost. Mix a teaspoon of slow-release plant food granules into the top of the compost. Plant three nasturtium plants into the side of the basket, just below the rim.

Garden Planning

4: Finish lining the basket with moss, being careful to tuck plenty of moss around the nasturtiums.

Garden Planning

5: Plant the tomato plants in the top of the basket.

Garden Planning

6: Plant the remaining three parsley plants amongst the tomatoes in the top of the basket. Water well and hang in a sunny position. Liquid feed regularly.

Gardener’s Tip: If you would prefer to grow your plants organically, plant this 
basket using an organic compost and 
use natural plant foods such as pelleted chicken manure or a liquid seaweed feed. Plant in late spring or early summer